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This was a letter I sent to the Head of Maths, when our substitute teacher messed up our Term Test, which was a very important test contributing largely to our grades. The letter was a petition, signed by almost everyone in our maths class. The Head of Maths then got our regular teacher to remark the tests and decreased the weight of the marks we got.

Dear (head of maths), (year 8 coordinators)

We feel that the way our Maths term test was run was unfair and resulted in a very large number of students failing. Nearly half the class only got half the test. The teacher in charge, (substitute maths teacher), discovered this more than halfway through the test. She then re-distributed the tests to the students who got the wrong copy.

The students who only got half the test to start with had less than half the time to do the missing half. It was also very stressful to find out that we had to do several hard word problems that we hadn’t seen at the beginning of the test. 

Even the students who got the whole test were disrupted by the re-distribution. We understand that students are not usually able to resit term tests, but given what happened, we would like you to consider allowing us to resit this one, or making us another test that will allow us to show what we’ve learnt.

(Substitute maths teacher) also did not schedule a resit on our last AST. We would like to be able to resit this test, as we are allowed to do, as soon as possible.

(Substitute maths teacher) has also not given us specific help when we’ve asked her to explain things in class when we didn’t understand, or where we missed class and didn’t understand the textbook. She has suggested that we ask (Maths teacher) when she comes back, but she has been away for 2 weeks and we don’t know when she will come back.

We would be happy to talk about this if you need more explanation.

Yours sincerely, 


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