Reducing plastic waste

Letter on the National Plastic Summit

Yassine wrote this letter when she heard the Environment Minister was going to hold a National Plastics Summit and wanted kids there. She never got a response, but two kids in her class went because someone in the environment department who was working with their mum realised they hadn’t invited any kids from our state and that the mum had kids the right age. Yassine found out because they happened to be in her class. Those kids also care about plastic waste but that isn’t why they were invited. Guess the Minister wasn’t that serious about having kids who actually want to do something.

The Hon Sussan Ley MP
Minister for the Environment
Parliament House
ACT 2600

Dear Minister, 

I heard that you are going to have a national summit on plastic and recycling and that you want to invite school children. 

I’m going into year 5 this year and I am reducing plastic waste from the school canteen. So I sent lots of ideas to the school canteen. I understood that we couldn’t get rid of all the plastic in the canteen.

I would like to come to the meeting because I would like to discuss ideas with other people so I can come back and do it at my own school. 

I have attached some of the letters I sent.

I hope you are having a great holiday.

Yours sincerely,

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