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Prime minister reply

This is what the Prime Minister wrote to Yassine:

And this is what she wrote back:

Dear Prime Minister,

Thank you for writing back to me about climate change, but some of the things you said in your letter are not true. I did some research and my mum helped me to understand.

For example, you said: ‘Australia is working very hard with other countries to fix this problem.’

But you didn’t even go to the last international climate change conference in Madrid in December 2019. You sent your energy minister Angus Taylor, who argued that Australia should be allowed to meet its targets by using credits from an old climate agreement. When you went to the Pacific Islands Forum, you stopped the Forum from making promises to cut emissions because you didn’t want to phase out coal-fired power. The Tongan Prime Minister actually cried. I don’t think that sounds like you are working with other countries to fix the problem, it actually sounds like you are stopping other countries from fixing climate change.  

You said : ‘Our promise to reduce emissions is large.’

But Australia’s emissions target under the Paris Agreement on climate change is only to reduce emissions to 26 percent below 2005 levels by 2030, and you said you want to meet it by using credits from an old agreement, the Kyoto Protocol. The British Prime Minister said they would have net zero emissions by 2050. 

You said : ‘Our Climate Solutions Package will make sure we meet our promises. It will help reduce emissions, improve energy use in homes and business, and get us ready for electric vehicles.’

But the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory shows that emissions went down a lot between 2009 and 2014 and then have been about the same since, which is when you’ve been in government. This shows that the Climate Solutions Package is not reducing emissions. Also, when the Labor Party said it wanted more electric vehicles at the last election, you said they wanted to end the weekend.

You said: ‘We are leading the world in renewable energy.’

But your government reduced the Renewable Energy Target and keeps talking about wanting to get more energy from coal and gas. During the super duper really really bad bushfires, you said more action on climate change was ‘reckless’. You just signed an agreement with New South Wales to increase gas production, even though methane is a really bad greenhouse gas. When the South Australian government built the world’s biggest battery to store energy from its solar and wind plants, you said it was like the Big Banana, even though the energy regulator says it has made the electricity system cheaper and more reliable. So I don’t think you’re really encouraging renewable energy.

You said: ‘I strongly encourage you to learn more about science, technology, engineering and maths because it’s through research, innovation and enterprise that we will be able to make a real contribution to our environment.’

But hundreds of scientists have written to you asking you to reduce emissions more, so why would you listen to me? Also lots of firemen wrote to you last year asking you to talk to them about preparing for bushfires because scientists predicted they would be bad this year, and you didn’t.

So I am still really angry about your climate policies.

Yours sincerely, 


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