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School strike letter

This is the letter I sent to my principal explaining why I was going to miss school for the School Strike for Climate Action on 15 March 2019. After I sent this my principal said that she supported me going, however since we were a public school we couldn’t promote it at all. I also went to the September 2019 school strike, but then the ACT Labor government said it would support it, so public schools were able to promote it.

Dear (principal),

 On the 15th of March, I won’t be attending school, I will be at the school strike for climate action. The school strike is where a group of students skip school to call on the government to take more effective action against climate change.

 Climate impacts are growing a lot. We’ve had bushfires in winter, and NSW and QLD had been gripped by a crippling drought. Yet our government wants to help billionaire coal companies, like Adani, build massive new coal mines. Coal-fired power plants continue to make climate change worse.

 I think climate change is a really pressing matter, especially now, when we can still make a difference. I honestly think the government is being quite selfish. It’s my generation which will be inheriting this world, and if we don’t do something soon, it will be too late!

 I hope you will understand that I do care about my education, and I promise to catch up on any work I miss, but I think it’s worth missing one day of school to make this statement. I’m sorry I’ll miss Anti-bullying day, but this school strike is a global event on the 15th of March, and I feel it’s really important to the world.

Yours sincerely,


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